We Specialized in Modifying 4x4 Vehicles


We Specialized in Modifying 4x4 Vehicles

Stop Station is one of the leading car service providers in Qatar, and we have undertaken numerous types of modifications: courtesy of our service facility – which is equipped with the latest technology, and highly trained and shrewd experts, who are relentless in pursuit of making your Speedy turn heads of both women and men alike! Be it a regular hatchback or a luxurious sedan, a compact SUV or a desert monster, we are here to repair, restore and ensure that your next drive, be it long or regular-short, will be a memorable one. We provide our dear customers with a huge range of options for them to pick from, below are a few.

Custom Build

Custom Off-Road Vehicles

At Stop Station, we aspire to give color to your thoughts by bringing new, witty ideas to the table while modifying your lovely Speedy and making your regular and weekend getaway drives more wonderful and awesome! Regardless of how off-beat, quirky or awesome your need is, Stop Station will treat you with a surprise – so you get to flaunt your sexy Speedy and make heads turn!

We have in our arsenal, a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with high-tech tools and trained experts to cater to all your needs and requirements, be it a paint job, general repair, or a custom modification, we will ensure your vehicle is delivered to you all new, pretty and racy! The custom modification needs innovation and expertise, at Stop Station; we’ve got just the right blend that you would not want to miss.

Overland Conversion

Overland Conversion and Preparations

Stop Station is often dubbed as “Transformers” of the automotive, from small denting and installing specific parts to turning the vehicle to an off-road monster, we have done it all, and we take huge pride in it.
We ensure that your needs and requirements are met by making the experts to get in touch with you personally and advise you on what’s good and what’s not for your Speedy.
Customer safety is paramount for us; therefore, we only use genuine and thoroughly tested products. Below is a small list of items that you will require for an overland conversion.

Underbody Protection

Underbody Vehicle Protection

Murky underbody, worn out tires can hamper the vehicle, in the long run, hence is it necessary for your Speedy to have an underbody protection. Underbody protection involves mudguards, skid plates, rock sliders which are vital for the efficient performance of the car.
Added protection to the tires is required during the monsoon seasons to save them from skidding and coming off.
We at Stop Station, ensure that all your Speedy can face all these and still stand strong! Our experts will get in touch with you personally and will advise you to choose the right guards and grilles which will ensure smooth drive.
Driving over uneven, rocky or slippery surfaces can cause a dent your vehicle heavily and burn your wallet, but after the treatment, your Speedy will receive at Stop Station, bumpy roads, potholes, and puddles will be a history and your car will stand the test of time!

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