Off-Road Accessories and Modifications


Stop Station is one of the leading car service providers in Qatar, and we have undertaken numerous types of modifications: courtesy of our service facility – which is equipped with the latest technology, and highly trained and shrewd experts, who are relentless in pursuit of making your Speedy turn heads of both women and men alike!


We provide innovative, highly portable and extra-functional car camping gear products with expert advice from the gear testers that will make your campsite very comfortable.


Whether you are looking for aggressive design or optimum strength, our amazing range of products provides protection for your vehicle and safety for the passengers.




  • I would like to say this shop is a really good one. They don’t try to steal your money but they try to recommend a proper product for your needs and budged instead. Product line consist of quality Australian off-road brands. Shop representative has overall good product and car knowledge.Zdeněk Anýž
  • Amazing… too good for car modifications and servicesAsrar Ahmed
  • This is a one-stop shop for all your off-road requirements. The staff are extremely friendly and all their technicians are well-equipped and has a wide variety of knowledge and skills to do the job, well done folks !Jimmy George
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